Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Balsamic Roast Veges (Jamie Oliver)


10 medium sized potatoes
6 medium sized carrots
2 Parsnips
3 red onions (they look purple to me though!)
a generous amount of olive oil
1/2 - 2/3 cup of balsamic vinegar

Potatoes, carrots, parsnips peeled & quartered - par boiled for around 5 mins (until they are just starting to soften)

Onions peeled and cut in half then each half quartered into wedges.

Place the onion in the bottom of a roasting pan - "undo" them from the wedges so they aren't in big chunks.

Pour the generous amount of olive oil over them and mix it through.
Place well strained par boiled veges on top.
Sprinkle salt over.
Pour in the balsamic vinegar.

Give it all a good mix around
Pop in an hot oven and bake for around 40 minutes - giving it a good stir around a couple of times during cooking.

The onions become caramalised (almost burnt but yummy!).

Jamie uses more balsamic vinegar because he uses the baked juices as a sauce - I don't, I prefer to make a gravy from the meat juices.

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